Soraboy v1.1 released! Wave + Noise channel support!


I'm happy to announce the release of Soraboy v1.1

Soraboy v1.0.x was released as a pulse wave synth that could only recreate the sounds of the gameboy's pulse wave channel. In this new major update, Wave channel mode and Noise channel mode have been introduced. These new channel modes allow for making a wider variety of gameboy-like sounds, including percussion and more interesting bass sounds.

The Wave channel mode currently has 4 waveform options: Saw, Square, Triangle and Sine. These waveforms can be transformed using the Phase and V Shift controls (inspired by LSDJ's synth settings).

The Noise channel mode has 2 sub-modes: one for pure white noise and one for a "pitched" noise sound. The pitch/tone of the noise can be tweaked with the "Shape" knob.

In addition, there are now knobs for Octave and Note Length (available in all modes) and 27 new built-in presets (totalling to 40 presets). The presets are now organised into categories (Bass, Drum, SFX, Synth).

I hope you enjoy the new features of Soraboy! There are still more improvements I would like to make to Soraboy, but I will likely be taking a break from development for a little while because I am starting a new job next week. That said, feel free to reach out in the community section if you have any issues.

Thanks for using Soraboy! <3

- shadowsora

P.S. I still want to hear any songs made with Soraboy! Feel free to share them in this thread and they may be added to the "Made With Soraboy" playlist that is featured on the Soraboy itch page.


Soraboy_1.1.0_Win_x64.msi (Latest) 2 MB
Jan 13, 2023

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