A small auto-runner for the Gameboy based on games like "The Impossible Game" and "Geometry Dash".

It was developed using ZGB over a couple of weekends for GBJAM9. Also playable in web browser thanks to this emulator, but for best experience download the rom! (The audio is slightly out of sync in the web player)

The music was composed using hUGETracker.

Note: this game is hard to play on an original DMG due to the ghosting, so I would recommend playing on a GBC/GBA instead (or a modded DMG with an upgraded screen works too).


- Press A or UP to jump

- You can hold the button to keep jumping

- Avoid running into spikes and walls

- Beat all 5 levels with as few deaths as possible (you will be given a rank at the end!)

Thanks for playing and good luck! ;D

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Tags2D, chiptune, Demake, Game Boy, Game Boy ROM, Retro, Runner


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hello ! Your Game is very addictive. 
It’s hard , it’s good :) 

Hey! I'm glad you like the game. This game is not made with gbstudio, it is made with ZGB

ah je comprends mieux ! Sur gb studio ça doit être plus compliqué à faire rahhh. J’essaierai. Encore bravo pour ce jeu top 👍 

bruh no pc version?

It's a gameboy rom so you can use a gameboy eumulator to play it on pc.

But the emulators are illegall...


Why are these Illegal on PC?

text line is "Yes, you can legally download a Gameboy emulator. The emulator itself is completely legal to download."

does "Legally" or "Legal" means it's not illegal?

I'm not an expert but from what I understand, emulating roms that you own is fine. Downloading roms off the internet for games that you haven't bought is piracy so that is illegal.



beat it in 83 attempts, 9 attempts on the second try, wish there were more levels and a level creator. The last two levels were very challenging.


Deberias agregarle la etiqueta demake spanish


The music syncs well with the gameplay great and the levels are deceptively challenging. Also the finishing touch with the Gameboy border is quality stuff


nice game, like the tunes and the controls, are pretty smooth 

the game is challenging but its part of the point :3

Thank you bro!